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4G/3G/2G Signal Strength Tester

4G/3G/2G Signal Strength Tester

4G/3G/2G Signal Test set - supplied with antenna and power supply.

Frequency Specification:

  • 2G - Quad Band - 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz.
  • 3G - 900/1800/2100 Mhz
  • 4G - 800/900/2100/2600 Mhz


  • Dimensions: 135 x 78 x 33mm
  • weight: 210 grams (including antenna)
  • Temperature: -20°C +60°C transit / -4°C to 40°C operating
  • Humidity: 0 - 80% non condensing
  • Radio Path: 2G, 3G, 4G, GPRS
  • Battery: 3.7 volt, 640ma/h Li-Ion Battery
  • Charger: Nokia type ACP-12X or equivalent specification
  • Power consumption: Mains 50ma (operation and battery charging.

3G/4G Yagi - AE.Pared_B12

3G/4G Yagi - AE.Pared_B12


Supplied with 5 metres of cable and SMA male connector.

The AE.PARED_B12 enclosed 12dBi YAGI is a rugged wall mounted GSM / GPRS / 3G/ 4G Antenna, is specifically designed for use in remote areas with poor signal coverage and where a directional link to a single transmission station is desired.

The AE.PARED_B12 is an enclosed YAGI, is suitable for LTE/4G networks to 2.6GHz, is constructed using UV resistant ABS and is supplied with an adjustable white epoxy resin coated metalic wall mounting bracket. An SMA Female connector is sited directly at the base of the antenna.

  • 850,900,1800,1900,2100,2600Mhz
  • Dimensions:72mm diameter x 18mm deep
  • IP Rating:IP66
  • Net Weight:223G
  • Operational Temperature:-30 to +70c
  • Storage Temperature:-40 to +80c
  • Humidity:100% at 25c
  • Housing:White ABS UV resistant

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€60.27 / £44.00

Cinterion (Gemalto) BGS2T RS232 Industrial Terminal Starter Kit (Cabinet Installation).

Cinterion  (Gemalto) BGS2T RS232 Industrial Terminal Starter Kit (Cabinet Installation).

Replaces the MC52i and MC55i Modem Cabinet Starter Kit.

BGS2T Starter Kit comprises of:

  • BGS2T Quad band terminal
  • Power supply cable
  • 1/4 wave Magnetic Antenna with SMA connector
  • 9M/9F 1 metre data cable

  • Quad-band 2G
  • GPRS Class 10
  • Large Input Voltage Range
  • TCP/IP
  • Compact Size
  • Flexible Mounting
  • Industrial Interfaces
  • Low Power Consumption

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€105.78 / £77.22

Sierra Wireless Airlink Fastrack Xtend FXT009 Cabinet Starter Kit

Sierra Wireless Airlink Fastrack Xtend FXT009 Cabinet Starter Kit

The Sierra Wireless Airlink Fastrack Xtend Starter Kit Includes:

  • Sierra Wireless Airlink Fastrack Xtend FXT009 GPRS Modem
  • 10 pin DC power and I/O cable.
  • 15/9 Data Cable
  • USB Cable
  • 1/4 Wave Magnetic Antenna (SMA)
  • Supplied with Internet plug-in software key + CGPS plug-in software. Internet plug-in software key is comprised of TCP/UDP/FTP/HTTP/email components.

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€178.35 / £130.20

MultiConnect® rCell 100 HSPA - European Market - MTR-H6-B16

MultiConnect® rCell 100 HSPA - European Market - MTR-H6-B16

MultiConnect® rCell 100 HSPA - European Market - MTR-H6-B16.

Supplied with CD, ethernet cable, power supply and antenna.


  • Multitech Device Manager
  • Frequency bands - 3G: 850/900/2100 MHz; 2G: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN connectivity
  • RS-232 serial port
  • Stateful Packet Inspection firewall with packet filter rules
  • Supports IPSec VPN tunnels for secure LAN-to-LAN access
  • 3DES and AES encryption
  • IP Passthrough
  • Two-year warranty
  • MultiConnect® rCell HSPA H6 Models

P/NO - MTR-H6-B16-GB and MTR-H6-B16-EU.

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€367.77 / £268.47

STD32 Quad Band Module with IP connectivity (Worldwide coverage).

STD32 Quad Band Module with IP connectivity (Worldwide coverage).

Supplied with 1/4 wave rubber antenna.

The STD32 can easily be used as an alarm system, to open garage doors, for fluid level control, temperature control, or to receive pictures in alarm situations,or on request. STD32 is the perfect device for remote monitoring and remote switching via your mobile phone or internet.

Additionally the STD32 now also offers a camera interface (accessory part). With the help of the Telic Camera (accessory) you can get digital pictures via e-mail, in alarm situations, or on request. Alternatively you can always retrieve a picture via the webinterface.

To be able to use the E-mail functionality your SIM Card needs to have a GPRS subscription. To use the webbrowser functionality the SIM Card needs to have a fixed IP address. .

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€209.09 / £152.64 (4 or fewer items) €202.95 / £148.15 (5 or more items)

Powersine PS1400-24 Pure Sine Wave Inverter (230 Volts AC), PS1400-24

Powersine PS1400-24 Pure Sine Wave Inverter (230 Volts AC), PS1400-24

Powersine 1000 Watt, 24 Volt DC Input , 230 Volts AC Output, Pure Sine Wave Inverter (PS1400-24).

  • True sinewave AC output
  • Robust design
  • High surge power output
  • Very efficient
  • Protected against high/low battery voltage, high temperature, overload and short circuit
  • Automatic Standby function to reduce no-load power consumption
  • Variable speed fan for silent operation
  • Remote on/off capability
  • IEC320 worldwide accepted AC outlet (IEC320 plug included)
  • 1.5 meters DC connection cable included
  • CE and E-mark certified
  • 24 month warranty

  • Recreational vehicles
  • Solar power systems
  • Industrial systems
  • Service vehicles

Maritime applications

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€675.27 / £492.95

Multitech LTE/3G/2G rCell 500 Router with Wi-Fi

Multitech LTE/3G/2G rCell 500 Router with Wi-Fi

Stock Code: MTR5-LEU2.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x rCell 500 Router
  • 1 x Mains Power Supply
  • 2 x 4G Antennas
  • 2 x Wi-Fi Antennas
  • 1 x RJ45 Cable
  • 1 x Console Cable
  • 2 x Wall Mount Kits
  • 1 x Din Rail Bracket
  • 1 x Power Port
  • 4 x Rubber Feet


  • Industrial standard interfaces
  • Quick setup and easy deployment
  • Industrial DIN rail mounting


  • 4 Ethernet 10/100 LAN/WAN ports and Wi-Fi® (802.11 b/g/n)
  • Dual SIM/USIM cards
  • Dual power supply input, 12-48 VDC
  • Automatic WAN failover and failback

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€565.80 / £413.03

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Pure Sine Wave Inverters, Powersonic Batteries, Battery Chargers, Battery Protector and DC to DC Converters.

Pure Sine Wave Inverters, SLA Batteries,Battery Chargers and DC to DC Converters.

Powersonic rechargeable batteries.

Battery Protector.

Pure sine Wave Inverters, up to 3500 watts.

Smart Battery Chargers, from 10 - 60 amps.

DC Converters for a wide range of applications - 12V-12V, 24V-24V, 12V-24V, 24V-12V and 48V-12V.

IP65 Rated, Waterproof, Rugged, DC - DC Converters.

Innovative Battery Guards.

Polyphaser Surge & Lightning Protection.

Polyphaser surge and lightning protection, concentrating on suitable models for 2G, 3G, 4G and GPS projects.

PolyPhaser continuously expands its product offering to support the needs of advanced network applications with technologies such as DC Block,DC Pass and Ultra Low PIM.

Typically for 2G,3G and 4G applications DC Block Polyphaser surge arrestors are used.

For GPS applications DC Pass surge arrestors are suitable.

Telematic Solutions, GSM/GPRS Modems.

Gemalto (Cinterion) 3G/GSM/GPRS Modems and Starter Kits.

Sierra Wireless (Wavecom) QUAD/GSM Modules, Modems and Starter Kits.

Sierra Wireless Airlink Fastrack programmable gateways.

GSM/GPRS Antennas for all situations - Covert, Glass mountable, 3dbd gain, Elevated Feed Wall Antennas and 11dbd gain Yagi Directional.

Accessories Including Data Cables, Power Supplies, RF Adapters and Polyphaser Lightning Arrestors.

SMS Servers and Software.

The MultiModem® iSMS intelligent SMS server gives low bandwidth applications the ability to send information by reliable, affordable SMS text messages. Available in 1, 4 and 8 port models.

Industrial Modems and Serial Devices.

Automated Communication Devices for the Industrial Market.

Ethernet Serial Device Servers allow you to connect legacy serial devices to your Ethernet LAN or WAN.

Bluetooth Serial Adapters - Allows any device with a standard 9-pin serial port to communicate wirelessly.

GSM Signal Analyser and accessories

Quad Band GSM Signal Analysers performs on-air cell surveys, interrogating all cells it finds to identify the network and signal strength. It does this via its own antenna so the user can roam to find a good location, or via any antenna connected to the analyser’s SMA connector, so testing can be undertaken from an installed antenna.

Available in 2G, 3G (2100mhz), 4G (LTE) and GSM-R models.

Cell analysis is network independent, no SIM card is required.

Antenna Installation Tools

RG58, RG174 Co-Ax Crimping Tools and Cable Strippers.

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