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Powersine AE.PSC3000-12-120

Powersine AE.PSC3000-12-120

Powersine 3000 watt, 12v DC/230v AC, 50 Hz, Inverter/Charger.

The fully integrated power system solution from TBS. A DC to AC sinewave inverter, programmable battery charger and automatic AC transfer switch all in one device..

  • True sinewave AC output
  • Robust design
  • High surge power output
  • Very efficient
  • Powerful 4-stage battery charger
  • Secondary 4A charger output for starter battery
  • Power factor corrected AC input
  • Fast AC transfer switch
  • AC Input Power Boost
  • AC Input Current Limit (adjustable)
  • Protected against high/low battery voltage, high temperature, overload, short circuit, low AC input voltage and high ripple voltage
  • Automatic Standby function to reduce no-load power consumption
  • Variable speed fan for silent operation
  • Remote on/off capability
  • Remote control capability via TBSLink
  • Two configurable 16A alarm relays
  • Easy to access connection bay for installing AC- and control wiring
  • CE certified
  • 24 month warranty


  • Recreational vehicles
  • Solar power systems
  • Industrial systems
  • Service vehicles
  • Maritime applications